Monday, May 2, 2011

Hobbity Hobbits!!!

My dad read me Tolkein at age eight (I got impatient and finished the Lord of the Rings without him), and The Hobbit was one of my favorite books for a long time.  Also, the movies are brilliant.  I remember being nervous about The Fellowship of the Ring--could they get everything right when every other movie up to that point stunk?--but after the opening credits I recognized the love and awesomeness that is Peter Jackson's adaptation of the books.

I'm still learning about this blogging thing.  So I've embedded my first video clip.  It may be a little outdated, and probably everyone's seen it, but you can watch it again.  Seeing the sets made me want to hold my breath until the movie comes out.  But even swimmers can't hold their breath for years--except, you know, figuratively.

Excitement and glory!

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