Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Question...

Which do you think is more important: persistence, or intelligence/talent?

Sometimes I wonder this as I teach. Sometimes I wonder this as I write.

I know you need some of both to be successful...but if you had to choose one as more important for school, life, and artistic pursuits, which would you choose and why?

(This is a video that has nothing to do with the question--think of it as a bribe to comment! Or maybe as just something cool that I posted so I can find it easy when my five-year-old asks for it...)

Monday, January 21, 2013

Proof of baby-ness

I promised pictures, and after much struggling with various drivers, I finally got some off of my phone, onto my computer, and uploaded to this very blog! So here it is...proof that I came home with something worthwhile from the hospital, and that I might, just might, be tired for a cute reason...

Look! Here he is in all of his four-pound hospital-stay glory!

I am outnumbered four to one. Most everyone is happy about this, although the two-year-old is still figuring out how he feels...
Oldest, youngest, and me! I love this robe in the winter. Especially when it is negative degrees outside!

Someday I'll have to post about having three kids instead of two, and my current writing/teaching/mothering life balance (hint: it's crazy, but it'll get easier), and books and doodles and ponies and witches. But it is not this day.