Friday, May 6, 2011

Portal (2?!)

Today I was going to write a useful, sort-of-complicated post on the backs of books and writing query letters--see, I have this plan to stalk through the library and read the backs of books until I find one by an author I haven't read that has such an interesting summary that I have to read it and then I was going to use that summary to help me improve my own query letter, which is okay but not awesome--but I'm feeling too lazy.  Plus I haven't gone to the library yet.  So, since I'm sort of a multi-platform occasional gamer person, I thought I'd blog about my desire for Portal 2.

Portal, for anyone who doesn't know, is a first-person puzzle game.  You have a portal gun.  You fight this hilariously devious and cruel computer.  It's funny, and smart, and I've watched the ending song more times than I care to admit (here it is in an online clip, although it's better if you beat the game 'cause of resolution and screen size):

At the conclusion of Portal your (female and intelligent!) protagonist defeats a computer called GLaDOS who has been experimenting on humans for quite some time.  GLaDOS keeps offering cake as an incentive, so at long last you see your cake, and then you hear a song from the computer's perspective.  It's fun to sing, although it garners strange looks if you sing it in public to your baby (not that I know from experience).  Anyway.  I hear Portal 2 is excellent, too--and this month is my birthday, and Mother's Day, so chances are high I'll see it soon!

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