Monday, May 27, 2013

My birthday list...

New things I did on my 30th birthday:

The boys gave me peppermint roses (they were stripey!)
I went into the Blast Zone and got shot by foamy balls
I went down the biggest indoor slide in Utah
I slid down two twisty black slides, too!
I razor scooted around with our two-year-old
I played multiplayer Pacman, Fast and Furious, and Guitar Hero (without sound!)
I ate beef and broccoli at the Asian Potato (no potatoes were on the menu)
I touched a five foot spoon at the Asian Potato
I touched a five foot fork at the Asian Potato
I tried Ginger Beer from Cy’s Market (ew)
I tried Rose Lemonade from Cy’s Market (meh)
I grossed my sister out with Egg Drop Soup (like “snot,” she says). Proceed to eat it in front of her.
I ate a carrot shaped like a flower (from the Asian  Potato)
I ate portabella chicken at Applebees
I wore hoop earrings
I went inside a gun store (where all the guns looked like plastic toys, but they really, really aren’t)*
I touched a barrel in Crate and Barrel (they have no crates)

This is where we went for the Blast Zone and razor scooter stuffs. 'Twas fun!
 * I was going to shoot a gun for the first time, just so I could maybe understand gun culture more (probably not, but maybe). Unfortunately, the first time we went both me and my husband forgot our wallets, and the second time we went they'd closed a half-hour early (who is going to argue with someone that heavily armed?). So we went to the nearby mall, because all the new activities my husband could think of were illegal, and hoop earrings seemed like a good alternative to arson.


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

What are some experiences everyone should have in their twenties?

I turn thirty this week. So, as the title asks, what are some experiences everyone should have in their twenties? I plan on shooting a gun, getting a pedicure, maybe paintball...stuff like that. But I need more ideas! If you give me some, I will send you virtual birthday cake! It will look like this:

This is from this awesome blog. It makes me happy!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Our two-year-old got a lot of two-year-old-boyish stuff for Christmas: trucks, cars, the occasional ball. We know he likes running. We know he likes drawing, especially on walls. We know he likes apple juice. But we weren't sure what he would want come gift time.

The spider puppet was sort of an afterthought, a thing we got from a friend for free. We wrapped it up for "The Family" and stuck it under the tree.

And now our two-year-old never lets it go.

It rides on his head. He tucks it under his arm for his daily run. He insists it says "Bzzz!" and he carries it around like Calvin carries around Hobbes. It is his best friend.

And it is awesome.
Bzzz-Spider may be less fluffy than this one, but it is significantly more loved...