Monday, September 10, 2012

Acquired Taste

I've been thinking about acquired tastes that I have...well, acquired. Confession: I'm not super adventurous with food, although I'd like to be. So. I love black licorice (liquorice is a prettier way to spell it, though!). Olives taste good to me. And root beer--if it's good root beer, it's bad for my teeth, because I will drink too much.

I've heard that goat cheese, oysters, anchovies, alcohol, and coffee are also acquired tastes. Can you think of more? Do you remember actually 'acquiring' a taste? I seem to remember this one camping trip where all we had was a big tub of licorice, and I thought the black ones looked better, and I loved loved loved sugar, so maybe that's an origin...

I shall have to do more research!

Some of these are good (A&W!). Some are...not so good. Oh! And the image is from, who say root beer is the "safest soft drink for teeth," which may or may not be a good thing...


  1. Avocados and tomatoes were acquired tastes for me, although it may have been the texture I had to get used to more than the flavor. I think I am good at learning to like foods because I continue to try them occasionally even if I don't like them (healthy foods only)

    1. Avocados have an odd texture--and I think tomatoes were an acquired taste for me, too! And I agree with the healthy. There's no point in forcing myself to eat treats I don't like. :)