Wednesday, September 25, 2013

My First ARC!

I have never read an ARC before, but I won one.

Allow that to sink in.

I won an ARC! And not just any ARC, but a copy of THE WHATNOT by Stefan Bachmann! And it came in the mail today! And there were doodles, and chocolates, and I am so excited to read more, and yay!

Oh, and since this is an exclamation-mark post: one of my critique partners got an agent!!! I do not know if I am allowed to brag for her, but this is a super agent, and she is an excellent writer, and I am so excited to read her books when they are published with beautiful haunting covers in a form I can hold in my hands! This makes me happy. As does the chocolate I keep eating while I type (poor, sticky exclamation-mark key...).

So! Here is a picture of my new ARC:

from the best jellysfishy blog because I am too lazy to go find the cord to upload my picture onto the computer, but isn't it pretty? or at least creepy and geary? I love it!

Moral of the post: keep writing! I love all these exciting, exclamation-worthy books!