Tuesday, May 17, 2011


After the battery-is-dead, locked-out-of-the-house, oh-no-we-need-a-20-foot-jumper-cable-because-electric-cars-won't-go-into-neutral-without-power day yesterday, today's teaching and writing and playing with kids seemed almost relaxing.  I made exactly five hundred words on my work-in-progress--no more, no less--largely because I was interrupted by cute but insistent requests: "Mommy, I'm poopy."  "Mommy, I can't go upstairs because I'm scared there's spiders on the steps."  "Mommy, I want to have quiet time in the front seat of the car!"  (Me, in my head: Not after yesterday, kiddo.).  Writing a hundred words, changing a diaper, writing another fifty words, feeding a baby--well, I have no idea how well my sentences work as a whole, but I wrote something.

And for today that's amazing, and enough.

Wouldn't you interrupt writing for a face like this?  Okay, so this picture is nearly two years old...but it captures his mood, and his coolness quotient, and it's already loaded on my computer, so in the post it goes.

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