Friday, July 3, 2015

A Study in Mothering

I will just leave this here.

It is a PDF. Of a study on parenthood, and how mothers of two or more children are superpeople, after a power up of two years (it takes time to develop superpowers--coincidentally about the same amount of time it takes to get any decent sleep after a new baby!).

A little over two years ago, I had my third child. He is funny and stubborn and good at tackling his two older brothers at their knees. I also sort of dropped off the face of the internet when it comes to social media and querying after he happened. He is much like a natural adorable disaster in that way (and also in the way that he knocks his brothers to the floor).

I've been writing. I have to write, because I love it. But let's be honest: I am not one of those rare beasts who like querying. And so I stopped the agent searching stuff.

But now I need to start again! Because the study says I have superpowers, and because I love love love the book I'm working on now, and because I love reading even more than writing. It's awesome knowing other authors and after they're published telling people "buy that book, because that author is super nice and also I critiqued it and it's the amazingest!" 

So yes. I need to start doing business-agent-online stuff again.

Any helpful suggestions on how to get started will earn cookies. Or ice cream. Or I'll let you get tackled by this kid:

Awww...a baby earthquake!



  1. Yay!!! You're back - I was starting to think I'd have to pack a flash-gun and set off for Washington state. Lolz, author humour. Seriously so pleased to see you out and about ☺
    Looking forward to seeing this fourth book *crosses fingers* please let me read it ��

    1. No flash guns necessary--yikes!

      And of course you can read my book! I'm halfway done with my second draft, so I'll be sending it your way soon...

      And ASHES is almost published! Squee!!!

    2. Yay!!! And Ashes IS published, m'dear. Out in the world and everything ☺

    3. Yiiiiikes! I must get it!!! How on earth did I miss that?!?

    4. And yay, too. Definitely yay. :)

    5. I suspect you were too busy mothering, ha! And, yes, you must read it because you're mentioned in the dedication!

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