Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The happiest baby in the world...

...is also very small.  We're trying to help him grow by feeding him baby food and bottles (he's not sure about either one) and finger foods (he likes those), but he'd prefer his fingers (or any other inedible plastic/metal object he manages to snatch), thanks all the same.  Gah!  I'd love nothing better than to help him learn how to eat, and walk, and talk (well, he does talk a little), but babies choose their own time to do things.  At least they're cute while they learn.

Your fingers don't have calories, silly little guy!  Here, try this avocado...
 Oh, the stress I get from learning that I can't fix all of my children's problems, even with careful planning.  And Baby Blue-Eyes here isn't even a year old yet! 

He smiles all the time, though--he's a joyful little guy!

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