Saturday, August 16, 2014

Walk in the woods answer, and also CUTE BABY!

Yikes! I've let time get away from me again. So. Walk in the woods answers. Here goes:

1. Your view of the woods represents how you view life. So if you feel positive/excited, you may be more of an optimist. If it's scary, well, that shows a darker worldview...

2. Your actions and feelings about the lake supposedly tell you what you think about sex. You may jump in and like it, or avoid it and think it's gross. I don't know what it means if you go boating or scuba diving or something. Moving on...

3. Your shiny object shows what you think about love.

4. Your house in the woods lets you know how materialistic you are, and your approach to it shows your basic trust of people.

5. Your bear represents challenges in life, and how you handle it (denial, tackling it head-on, losing to it) may indicate how you deal with problems.

My results were pretty accurate, actually, and at the very least I think it's a fun exercise to do once. But that brings me to something more awesome that I want to write about: me and my husband drove to Seattle with our three young sons. We went on a ferry. We visited the zoo and the beach. And, most important of all, we were there when my younger sister had her very first baby!

None of my sister had kids before this. And I have to say: having a nephew on my side makes me happy. Plus, cute! Just look!

I am totally biased, but I think he's adorable. Look at that face! That little diapered bum!