Friday, July 3, 2015

A Study in Mothering

I will just leave this here.

It is a PDF. Of a study on parenthood, and how mothers of two or more children are superpeople, after a power up of two years (it takes time to develop superpowers--coincidentally about the same amount of time it takes to get any decent sleep after a new baby!).

A little over two years ago, I had my third child. He is funny and stubborn and good at tackling his two older brothers at their knees. I also sort of dropped off the face of the internet when it comes to social media and querying after he happened. He is much like a natural adorable disaster in that way (and also in the way that he knocks his brothers to the floor).

I've been writing. I have to write, because I love it. But let's be honest: I am not one of those rare beasts who like querying. And so I stopped the agent searching stuff.

But now I need to start again! Because the study says I have superpowers, and because I love love love the book I'm working on now, and because I love reading even more than writing. It's awesome knowing other authors and after they're published telling people "buy that book, because that author is super nice and also I critiqued it and it's the amazingest!" 

So yes. I need to start doing business-agent-online stuff again.

Any helpful suggestions on how to get started will earn cookies. Or ice cream. Or I'll let you get tackled by this kid:

Awww...a baby earthquake!