Monday, December 12, 2011


Sometimes I reward myself.  Usually I use books, but when we're poor (like now, 'cause of the new computer), I can use things like Skittles.  I just finished reading my second book and planning out revisions (I drew up checklists and everything). I got Skittles!

Here is a commercial celebrating my success.  I feel bad for this guy.  But it makes me laugh anyway. And, hey, some Skittles are red and green, so...uh...holidays? Huh. I guess today just hasn't been the most holiday-y day.


  1. For the record, Skittles are a wonderful reward. Now I'm craving some... mmmmm.

  2. That's one crazy commercial! Getting ready to revise your second book is reason to celebrate and reward yourself, for sure! Good luck with the revisions.

  3. SKITTLES!!! I made M&M cookies but only used the red and green ones so they would be christmassy :0) I reward myself sometimes with a bubble bath too...if only there was a way to make the bubbles red and green.... :0)

  4. Becky: You deserve some! Congrats on finishing the rewrites!

    Lyn: Thanks! Sometimes crazy is more memorable, right?

    Johanna: I love the little things. And little children. Even if they do tithe my Skittles...

    Sophie: Cookies! And bubble bath! I'm going to have to get a list of rewards from YOU, I think!