Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Rejection is a fearsome beast.  I always told myself I was querying in batches of ten (or so) because I wanted to wait and get feedback on fulls and partials. And I've gotten valuable feedback on fulls, so I suppose that's worked for me. But there's also the whole 'gah-if-I'm-submitting-rejections-will-come!' fear.  I did not admit to this fear, not really. After all, every time you bake cookies you could burn them. Every time you have a party, someone could end up sad because you didn't have enough cookies because some of them got burnt. The point is, I knew that it takes risk to do anything worthwhile, but I do think part of my waiting had to do with nerves.

I recognize that, though. So now I am submitting! I see my procrastination-brought-on-by-fear, and I am vanquishing it! Although I am taking a break tonight. Today was my last day teaching in 2011, so I think tonight I deserve some nice eggnog. Or popcorn and root beer.  And...maybe I'll watch Muppet Christmas Carol.

Best. Adaptation. Ever. Makes me want to read the book every time I see it!

Yay Muppets!


  1. I'm not sure whether I want to cheer your decision to query, or go find myself some eggnog and cookies. Perhaps I shall do both. Go, Brenda! *slinks off to find a snack*

  2. I send about 5-6 at a time, so I can consider making changes when I receive rejections. There is no perfect system and the whole experience is nerve-wracking!

  3. Glad you're submitting! Just go for it. And The Muppet Christmas Carol is one of the best adaptations.

  4. Sarah: Thank you! And cookies are a good idea...

    Theresa: There is no perfect system--and your way allows for more change. I'm actually glad I started with the batches, but now I'm almost done with my second novel, and I've fixed a lot of my first. So...maybe this will work? Nerve-wracking sums it up!

    Alex: "Go for it!" will be my new motto. Also, the Muppets are awesome!