Friday, December 9, 2011

Well, we're working through our Christmas shopping, but since lots of my friends and family live other places (yay Washington! and Oregon, and California, and New York...), I've got some cards and packages to get ready for shipping.  Next year I should be smarter and buy everything online! Anyway. Here is my favorite six or so seconds from one of the two Christmas movies I own.  I love the wrinkles! And those eyebrows, and the way his hair unfurls...


  1. I wish for just a few hours with the ones I love, no need for extravagance. The opportunity to create a memorable breakfast the morning of and sit around in our robes and bed-head hairdo's just enjoying the company, remembering our Lord and sharing presents.... ;D

  2. I would love for a few hours with everyone I love. That would be the greatest present of all. :)