Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Oh, I missed having a computer.  See, Geekbox, which was building our new computer, called on  Thursday last week and asked for our laptop to transfer data.  And we didn't get it back until today.  I didn't realize how much I'd miss blogging--or how very impossible blogging would be on my phone--and I found that I got behind on all sorts of critiquing and blog reading.  But it's all worth it now: I'm typing on a new computer, with keys that don't have the letters worn off, and it is exciting.  Also, we can play Portal 2 co-op.  Also, I am rereading my second book, and it is better than my first book, which is super-exciting.  Also, it is Christmas!  So here is a Christmas song I grew up with.  (What do people who didn't grow up with Manheim Steamroller think of them? This is something I do not currently know.)



  1. I think that most of us have our favorite Christmas tunes. I have a couple that cannot be found anymore. Go tell it on the mountain by this deep honey thick voice whose name I cannot remember and listening to the Jim Nabors Christmas album. His voice to this day stirs many great Christmas memories. Man! He had a voice!

    Who didn't grow up hearing Bing sing White Christmas... so many great ones. Tom T. Hall and his voice. Christmas sometimes feel artificial to me with so much gimmickiness going on.

    To me the greatest wish ever made was "Good will and peace on earth to all men."


  2. That is a great wish, and you have great taste in rich voices. Makes me want to listen to some Bing right now!