Monday, October 24, 2011


On Saturday I officially finished the second draft of my second novel.  And I think it's better than my first--even this early on, the middle hasn't given me near as many headaches.  Exciting! what should I do?

My first novel, for those who don't know, is currently under submission, and even though I've got some ideas for revising (it could always be better, right?), I've decided to wait on the fulls I have out before I do anything too drastic.  I should wait a few weeks before rereading my second novel, because...well, it's still too fresh, and waiting is usually a good idea.  Plus my wonderful critique partner is going at that draft, and her feedback will be exceptionally helpful.

So...hmm.  I could start a third novel, but I'm not certain I've got an idea solidified enough.  I could work on the business stuff (yay queries?), I could write a couple of short stories, I could actually spend some time learning new piano music or paint...but I've got to use my naptime-writingtime-golden-afternoon-hours for something creative.  Not grading!  No...not grading.

If anyone has any brilliant post-one-book-but-not-yet-ready-for-the-next-book ideas, let me know!  In the meantime, here is Night on Bald Mountain.  Because it is Halloween week (pretty much), and I love Night on Bald Mountain.


  1. It would be a great time to start brainstorming new ideas. Just start jotting them down and see where it goes. Another idea would be to write a short story on something that as given you trouble in the past. For example while writing focus on the senses in the story. This will help you in areas that are not going as well.

  2. Maybe I should do both--those are excellent ideas, though! You are wise in the way of gaps between novels. :)