Tuesday, October 18, 2011


My nose is numb, and the top of my mouth.  I love getting fillings.  Except really I hate it, and I am being ironic here.  Because there's that smell--burning-drilled tooth--and the spray from the squirter, and the high-pitched drill noise and the weird things they stick between your teeth that dig into your gums and make them bleed.

And the numbness.  Did I mention I'm numb?

Well, you don't have to feel your nose to enjoy big cats playing with pumpkins!  Our zoo's got tigers and cougars and snow leopards and lynxes--but this zoo's got a lot more.  Also, am I the only one thinking of how to use wonderful dental appointments in my writing the whole time I'm there? Inside my head I've got this interior monologue, like I wonder what that blue light thingy is called.  And tooth isn't exactly bone, is it? So this wouldn't be the smell of burning bone.  But I bet teeth and drills could be a really creepy detail in the right story.  And what if there were a villain who thought anyone with this limp numb-lip look was weak for needing anesthetic!  Would that be crazy? That would probably be crazy...

Anyway.  Sorry.  Cats.  Pumpkins.  Yay!


  1. Cool video my kids enjoyed it! I think when I'm at the dentist I just try to fade out and think of nothing. I hate the drilling :)

  2. I don't blame you in the slightest. I think interior monologues are my way of tuning out that terrible noise. And I'm glad your kids like the video! My three-year-old always climbs on my lap and wants to visit my blog to see the "blog movies," so they're always chosen with a small boy in mind. :)

  3. WHat a cool video clip. I learn something new & interesting every time I read a blog. Who would have thought cats & pumpkins. It makes sense. It was like watching a kitty play with a yarn ball except, HUGE. And I think you have the start of a very creepy horror story with a serial killer dentist killing his patients & saving their teeth as souvenirs

  4. Melissa, you're totally welcome to the horror story! I like horror, but I'm not sure I'd be the best candidate to write it. Plus I'd always be thinking about that dentist from "Little Shop of Horrors." I'm not sure I could take that for a whole novel.

    I like the cats and pumpkins. Our cats ran away from ours, though. They must be missing some sort of key jungle cat gene or something...