Thursday, October 20, 2011


I'm one of those people who sit down and write.  No outlines, at least on the first draft.  I've got a premise and some characters, and I see what happens as I go.  So that means, when I get to the end, I need to figure out how to tie everything together.  And I get sort of obsessive when I'm at an exciting part--I need to keep writing!  I need to see what happens!

I'm rewriting the end of my second book now.  And even though it's a second draft, and I do have a rough outline, I'm wanting to change things, to put them in words and see what happens next.  I want the end to be satisfying, though, exciting and scary and wonderful.  So here's a question: when (or if) you're writing a book, how would you do the end? How much do you outline? What books do you think have some of the best endings of all time?

I'm off to write some fiction now!

Our three-year-old is being Darth Vader for Halloween.  He wants our baby to be Yoda.  But this looks like a pretty cute costume, so we'll see...

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