Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Locked out

Well...we sort of locked ourselves out of our house today.  And the locksmith couldn't get us in, because our two doors were deadbolted.  We just got back in, because my most wonderful sister drove here with a spare key.  So, on the plus side, we get to play games tonight!  Also, we can remind people smarter than we are to hide a key, or have some sort of awesome break in plan, because if I could've broken in without smashing a window I would have felt pretty cool.

Anyway.  This calls for some Guy on a Buffalo.  He could've gotten us in!  Although I wouldn't want to pay for what he'd do...or clean up the stinky stuff a buffalo would leave behind...


  1. Those are some funny videos. Where ever did you find them? Sorry about being locked out that has happened to ma as well luckily we could climb through a window:)

  2. We were eying our windows, seeing which one might be easiest to break. I'm glad my sister had a key! The videos I stumbled onto on another blog,, and you should watch the second one. It is my favorite, and for some reason the cougar gets funnier every time. :)