Monday, October 3, 2011

Halloween Costume: Check

Our three-year-old chose a costume: between a boxer, a Tyrannosaurus Rex, and Darth Vader, he chose...Darth Vader.  He's got a slightly crooked lightsaber, a mask he looks more adorable without (he has his adorable "mean guy" scowl on constantly when he's a Sith Lord), and a cape/outfit made out of that super-thin Halloween costume fabric that requires clothes underneath it or a child'll freeze to death.  It is awesome.  In honor of his choice, I shall post this video:

Three-year-olds are awesome!


  1. That is sooo adorable. Worst costume mistake of my life that my family always likes to bring up at gatherings? Eight years old, school asked us to come as a loved character. I could have chosen Alice in Wonderland or Sleeping Beauty, Red riding Hood! But what did I choose? Beethoven. And not even the composer which would have left me some dignity. The dog from the family movies. I had a headband with stitched on ears, a collar with my name on, a tail stitched onto the back of my trousers and a brown velvet suit to roam around in. I have NO idea what I was thinking. NEVER LET YOUR CHILD GO AS A DOG. Darth vader is good. Beethoven, not so much!

  2. No dogs. Got it. :) At least it's a hilarious story! My worst Halloween was when I stitched together my own outfit out of sweats, scarves, a gray wig, and face paint. Called myself "The Thing." Might have been nine for that making your own costume isn't the best idea, either, if you're me...

  3. It's obviously best if you don't always let children choose their own costumes... :0)