Monday, October 17, 2011

Reading and pumpkins

I love reading.  In fact, I have several new intriguing blogs I want to be reading right now.  Also, after buying pumpkins today (one for each member of the family), I also want to start designing a stencil for the one I picked.  Prior pumpkins I've carved have looked like this:

Okay, so the photography could be better--but that's The Count, the most lovable vampire ever
And this:

Okay, so this one's not carved.  But later I carved it into Jack Skellington from Nightmare Before Christmas.  I can't find those pictures--but look, a baby!  Awesome!
I guess all of this setup about pumpkins and such is my way of saying...I shall be off to read more blogs now.  And to take the pumpkins out of our car's trunk.  Whee?


  1. Spooky jack-o-lantern photo and adorable tiger! Aw.

  2. Awwww that's so cute!!! Halloween kind of scares me - yes, I'm still a kid. In defence, I'll be watching incredibly happy movies to combat the forces of darkness..... lol :0) Have fun carving up those pumpkins!!!

  3. One of these years we'll remember to get a pumpkin for Halloween.

  4. That is an awesome carving I may have you come and do mine :)

  5. Lydia: That tiger is now three. But he is still cute!

    Sophie: Hey, I'm with you on combating the forces of darkness--I'm a wimp when it comes to scary movies. We'll have fun carving the pumpkins, though! We make pumpkin bread and roast pumpkin seeds, and this year we'll try for a pumpkin soup (maybe)...

    Alex: I forgot last year. I'd lend you one of ours this year, if it wouldn't get all squashed (bad pun--sorry!) in the mail...

    Josh: Thanks--I could design a carving for you! But the actual may not want me doing that. I always make my husband carve off those tricky tops, especially when they're all thick!