Friday, October 21, 2011


I like Fridays, especially Fridays like today: it's autumn, and we could crunch over leaves, but the sun made walking with a double stroller pleasant.  We got to talk about grasshoppers, and ants, and vultures.  I nearly finished the second draft of my second book.  And even though I really should grade some of that stack of essays I collected on Wednesday I'm still remembering the songs I sang with my three-year-old at bedtime, and I'm feeling content.

So here is Batman.  Because I must have an image, and I love Batman the Animated Series, and doesn't he just look happy? It must be Friday for him, too.


  1. I agree he does look very happy! Congrats on the second draft that is awesome. I have several projects coming due and I always get torn between them and my family. Owell in the long run family will always be there so I may as well put my energies in that :)

  2. Josh: It's true. I've got two little boys, and I can't imagine life without my family. I love writing, but I could be happy without it--so I think you've got the right priorities!

    Alex: Yes. Yes, he is. :)