Monday, August 8, 2011

This week...

...will be crazy, with my husband's brother getting married, family coming in, and our wedding anniversary (8 happy years!).  So here's the deal.  Each night I'll make a brief post and share one of my bookmarked webpages, because I love all my bookmarked webpages for different reasons.  Tonight, though, I shall post a link to this Star Wars video, because my son's been playing Star Wars all day.  We went for a walk, and baby was R2D2, three-year-old was a super-powered C3PO, and I was "Rebel Scum," the driver of the spaceship stroller.  In honor of our walk, here is a Star Wars rap that gets stuck in my head.  May it get stuck in  yours!

If it weren't for Uncle Owen's brief profanities, my three-year-old would know this song...but he's happy with the movie music, and calling me "rebel scum" whenever he wants.  Even when he's a good guy.  He likes the word "scum," and it's a crisp, cool-sounding word, so that's as it should be.

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