Monday, August 22, 2011

First day of school!

I met my new class today, and I like them already.  Also, I'm currently debating the value of going to a high school reunion.  Admission: I liked high school.  I'd like to see friends I haven't seen in years because I live three states away.  But...the reunion is in Seattle, which is a fourteen-ish hour drive, and it's in the middle of September, a week after my triathlon and only a day before I need to teach again.  'Tis a quandary...

In honor of school, and high school in particular, here is a list of high school mascots...

This was my mascot.  At least ravens are smart.

 And here is a quiz to see what mascot you would have (a patronus is a personal mascot of sorts, right?).


  1. Glad to know you already like the group you'll be dealing with for the next year, that bodes well :0) I think you should definitely go to the reunion if you can work out the logistics. It'd be nice to see old friends and catch up - say I have a MS under consideration with an agent lol. Always fun to say that!

  2. True--I do want to go, too! I'm working on it right we'll see. At least I'm busy, regardless, right? :)