Friday, August 19, 2011


So I've got my syllabi all printed and ready to go, but as I played Robot Unicorn Attack yesterday I realized I didn't share where I discovered it.  I'm aware that it's been around for a while...but I first played it after I went to the BYU Physics department website, where if you pressed a certain sequence the game would pop up.  They fixed it. but while it lasted, it certainly  made me happy.  Which brings me to my new thing for today: Kim Johnson, a spectacular poet and one of the best teachers I've ever had, is featured in the newest version of BYU Magazine.  She taught me all about etymology and the Oxford English Dictionary, and deepened my love for Edmund Spenser's poetry.  And her own poetry is crisp and brilliant and...well, my three-year-old keeps asking me to read the poems enclosed in the article, so you know they sound good.

In fact, here's one of his favorites--and if you haven't heard a three-year-old say the title, you're missing out.


What a drubbing this sundown!—its gloom
hunting out my sorest remorses
to bludgeon me with. That’s what the light does
in autumn, slanting southward and brownly
between the hunched houses of the nieghborhood.
IT falls against the sidewalk like a slab
of meat, like a mugging the passersby pass by.
The church bells bang hollow vespers.
Is there any sound more foresaken
than the rainbird smach across the spent grass?
Yes. The ignition jump of a car
heading anywhere, tail-lights red
as the rubber stamp on a divorce decree,
its diminishing rev a metaphor
for the failure of metaphor. The car
is a car leaving, and then left.
— Kimberly Johnson

Here's a picture of Kim Johnson, although her poem is much better than any picture!

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