Thursday, August 4, 2011

Good news, bad news

Good news: if, say, a one-year-old sucks on your phone, putting it in rice can fix all the internal parts that get wet and it works perfectly in about 24 hours!

Bad news: when your husband comes home and can't stop the car, and repairs cost over $1,000, you can feel very sad.  Also, you can wish you knew more about mechanics.  Because that is lots of money.

Good news: finishing a book feels good!  Especially when the ending goes better than you expected.  And then you get to revise!

Bad news: uh...childcare costs a lot.  Also, spiders like our basement.

Good news: using a dragon and M&M's, potty training is starting to work again!

Bad news: ceramic dragons chip.  Also, baby can climb the stairs.  Which are hardwood.  He hasn't fallen...and we'll try to keep it that way

Good news: here is a clip from Futurama.  Because saying "Good news, everyone!" deserves some Futurama every time.  Even if there is no professor, and it sort of cuts off at the end...


  1. CONGRATULATIONS on finishing your WIP, that's amazing :0) I've been away but now I send you virtual cupcakes as a token of my esteem lol. Hope the revisions are going well!

  2. Yum--virtual cupcakes! I shall eat them with gusto. Congrats to you, too, and I'll add some ice cream to those cupcakes...