Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Stair climbing madness

Baby can climb up our stairs.  However, he doesn't understand the mechanics of going down.  He imagines that diving head first would be fun--and it might be, up until he hit that first hardwood step.  We're in a split-level house, with three sets of ten stairs, so I spend lots of time chasing a crawling crazy up, then catching him when he dives, grinning, into my arms on his attempt down.

At least his cute little head is intact.  And he'll learn to navigate those tricksy steps, someday...


  1. Lol this is sooo cute. At least he's showing a healthy sense of adventure...might want to work on that healthy fear though :0) Also, think of the great workout you're getting. Really, you should thank him!

  2. It's true. I'll thank him the next time I catch him--as I nibble on his cute little ears and blow on his cute little belly...