Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Little Darth Vader

Today I had to buy cat food and garbage bags.

Last night the kids were up until 10.

These two seemingly-unrelated facts lead us to the third truth of today: this afternoon I went to Petco with a mini Darth Vader and an Ewok. And then to Costco. The people at Petco gave me weird looks, mostly, or studiously ignored the plastic lightsaber waving at them from the cart. "Go faster, Princess!" the four-year-old Vader yelled in his deepest four-year-old voice. "Sure," I said, picking up my speed.

Costco shoppers were nicer. Some tried to talk with the Star Wars characters in my cart. The Ewok (really, the one-year-old was just wearing his normal brown coat) hummed the Imperial March (honest) while Darth Vader decided he was actually Luke dressed as Darth Vader and could therefore purchase healthy foods like orange juice and bananas (four-year-old Darth Vader prefers dark foods, usually chocolate, because he "always makes bad choices"). Anyway, it all reminded me of this:

Which brings me to this:

And, for completeness's sake, this:

 There, pint-sized, overtired little Darth. I hope you dream of stars and lightsabers.

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