Friday, February 17, 2012

Boy: Girl

I just read this most interesting of posts on Shannon Hale's blog about the boy-to-girl ratios in animated movies during 2011. I've noticed this disparity since I was a child--in fact, by the age of five I'd decided to be a witch because princesses had blond hair, blue eyes, and absolutely no powers beyond cleaning and singing. Bleck.

Anyway. I obviously prefer my storytelling in book form, but here is a clip from an animated feature with lots of awesome female roles and a very large fan base across both genders:

This is actually a fan video. About reading. And ponies. With a weird song about books that was written by Julian Smith and is interesting to check out in its original form...


  1. I'm no princess or prince but I do have magical powers.... I can cause my kids to go into emotions fits of laughter and revoltion at the same time with only a single word or glance!!!! No if only it worked on others.... ;D

  2. Cool video and it is important that we teach our kids by showing them shows that portray all kinds of people.

  3. Wily: That is an awesome power. And if you can get it to work on everyone, let me know!

    Josh: It's true! I'm not one who thinks there should be a representative for every race/culture/religion in everything, but keeping things sort of realistic to the place or biological facts seems like a healthy thing for kids to get used to. :)