Thursday, July 28, 2011


I've been in and out of my house so much this week it's crazy.  I check emails on my phone--and websites, and this blog.  So far I haven't updated this blog very regularly, because it's hard to type using a touch phone.  When I'm home more permanently this weekend, without guests (not that it isn't fun to have my mom, dad, sisters, aunt, uncle, and cousin here--it is!), I'll (hopefully) resume blogging (and revise my syllabus, and finish my second book, and find childcare for this school year, and get the baby's clothes updated to new sizes, and continue training for the get the idea).

Anyway, I realized a couple of things this week, which may sound sappy, but I don't care:

My dreams make me excited, but it's my family that makes me happy.

Whee!  This is not me, but I must admit that it's how I feel when I realize what I have.  My little boys are snuggly and warm and I love them

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