Thursday, July 14, 2011

On perseverence

I'm grateful for people who brave disappointment, for people who spend hours on creative endeavors with no concrete promise of an audience on the other end, for scientists who keep their curiosity and children who jump off the diving board when their lips are blue and they're nervous about getting water in their eyes.  I'm glad to know that I can always be better, at writing, at being a mom, at exercising and eating healthy and making a query letter that can catch the attention of three or four agents out of ten (oh, query letter, how I stumble at writing you!).  A friend wrote me today about a difficult rejection, and all I can say is I'm sorry.  And I admire you.  And when you keep going, risking that failure and that rejection, I'll only admire you more.  It's people who persevere who discover cures, write bestsellers, and raise children who'll improve the world in their own way.

Sorry to get all motivational--but not really all that sorry.  Keep doing what you love (uh...unless what you love hurts people).  If you try something old (or new), I think you're great, and you can tell me all about it so that I can cheer for you along the way!

I would've found a picture of a writer, maybe someone 40K words into a (VERY) rough draft of their second novel (not that I know how that feels or anything).  But I like the lighting here, and my husband is a this is for him!

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