Sunday, July 3, 2011


...can look like sparkle bees, or spiky balloons, or waterfalls of magic.  According to my three-year-old, at least.  The boys stayed up super late last night (well, baby Ninja didn't make it past 10 p.m. very well, but Lightning managed to reach the fireworks after some stress--and he enjoyed them when they started) and watched an early firework display.  We'll buy a few sparklers and throwing-pop ones tomorrow, but last night was magic for Lightning.  There was some payment today in the form of mild grumpiness, but seeing my three-year-old simulate explosions with his hands all day and bounce around is hilarious and worth the extra effort.

I think of Gandalf every time I think of fireworks, and even though this clip is a mishmash of two scenes from the movie, it includes both cute kids and the fire dragon--so up it goes!


  1. Sounds like your kids are writers in the making :0) taking after their mama hehe

  2. My son is always asking me to "tell him a story," and then he starts to make up his own stories, too. It's adorable! I think lots of three-year-olds are storytellers, though--it's a funny age. :)