Friday, July 8, 2011

Cell phone...

Well, it looks like we'll finally get cell phones.  Our land line still isn't working, so we're looking into getting something a bit more mobile.  Any advice?

Here is a picture of the cell phone we WON'T be getting, because we don't want to give our sons any's got built-in defense, though!


  1. You guys don't have cell phones? Against them or just don't see the point..until now in any case! Be careful, it's a slippery slope from only checking your answer machine to texting, surfing, ringing etc... :0)

  2. We got some! We've used a land line for years, 'cause we were poor students and it helped us save money. No one told me it'd be so nice to be able to call my sister from the grocery store, though, or play Angry Birds with my three-year-old while we're waiting for a traffic jam to clear yay!