Monday, June 6, 2011


In my work-in-progress, my protagonist is very sporty--she likes to move, to bike and swim and run, so she prepares for triathlons, which combine all three.  She never races in those triathlons, but she prepares.  And, smart author that I am, I decided to do some first-hand research into what she's doing, mostly to get in shape, but also to make my writing stronger.  I didn't have too many worries about swimming or biking: I was a swimmer and water polo player in high school, and I biked to grad school.  But there's running.

Unlike my character, I won't train for the running unless I have to.  So I signed up for a local sprint triathlon to make myself train.  400 meters of swimming.  9 miles of biking.  5 kilometers of running.


Well, we'll see what happens.  No gators involved in this one, or not that I've heard, and it isn't until September, so there's still time to train...


  1. See it would be those other ones that would worry me - I run anyway to counteract the large servings I eat and have managed to stay slim so I must be doing something right lol :0) Good luck with training - you never know, you might like it!!

  2. I poor legs beg to differ right now, but it is helping with sleep and energy. It can't hurt on the slimness front, either! Also, I love how you eat large servings--something of your characters in you, perhaps? ;)