Thursday, June 9, 2011

Exercising... hard when you've been out of practice for a while.  I ran two miles yesterday (if you stretch the definition of run to "walked half, jogged half"), and I biked three miles today (home from the tune-up bike shop!), and I've decided it will be a while before I can get any authority on what it's like to run or bike when you're actually in top-notch shape.  Like my character.  Right now I've started remembering what sore leg muscles feel like...and stitches in my right side while I run...and ear buds that fall out of my ears while I'm moving fast.  Oh, and burning lungs.  I've got some experience with those now.  Whee!

It'll get better, though.  Just like writing.  Just like anything you practice. 

Triathlons aren't for wimps.  I hope four months is long enough to take me out of the wimpy category.

For some reason this is the first picture under a Google search for "wimp."  Poor little guy!  I'd cry, too.  But his sorrow in no way reflects my attitude towards exercise--and his curly hair in no way resembles mine, either.  So there's that.

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