Thursday, June 2, 2011

Barbeque 2011

Well, after a flurry of email exchanges, grading, and rewrites, I managed to attend the barbeque.  I signed yearbooks for an hour-and-a-half straight, until my u's looked like o's (I don't have the best handwriting) and ink stained the side of my hand (because of the odd way I hold my pen).  Next year I'll type responses for each student--that way I can put in more thought for each entry, and actually eat lunch at the end-of-the-year social!  I only got food today because a former student snagged me a hot dog (yay!), but it was worth being a little hungry to tell students how creative/funny/cool they are.  Anyone who grumbles about "those teenagers today" doesn't know the upcoming generation at all.  I'll miss my musically-gifted, intelligent, creative class, and I'm sure my students will have wildly successful futures.  Congratulations to the AMES Class of 2011!

Here is a nicer-looking version of my lunch.  I'd show you my students, but I didn't bring the camera after all!  Which didn't end up mattering, given how busy I was with the signing...

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