Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Query Letter Hell... a very helpful forum.  I should've gone there ages ago, given my aversion to query writing, but I didn't know about it back then.  I'll probably keep waiting on the fulls I have out now before I keep querying, because I love the agents who have the manuscript (the novel is much better than any query I've ever made, probably due to the fact that I spend my time reading--and writing--fiction), but I'm an impatient sort, and if nice people can help me make a better hook for my book...well...yay!

It's raining, but I'm off to bike now.  Maybe.  Probably certainly.

Here is a picture from the Sandman comics, which are marvelous and combine both Hell and dreams...and isn't that what querying is all about?  :)


  1. Did you get slated? When I first went there, it got ripped to shreds. But it did need it. I would certainly advise putting any others you send out on there first. Certainly drives any big-headedness out of you lol and I LOVE the picture. Definitely sums up the whole experience to a 'T'!

  2. I expected lots of ripping, but it wasn't too bad. Everyone's been polite, and when one person told me to rewrite it, I tried...and found out my original version was better anyway. I'm glad for the help, though--yours, too! Query writing isn't my strength...