Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mini Meals

I took baby to the dietician yesterday.  She gave us lots of the advice we heard with three-year-old--put butter on everything! or cheese! find high fat foods! power pack the formula with three scoops to five ounces!--but she also gave us a super-useful sheet on mealtimes.  Basically she said all meals and snacks should be at the table, and there should be three meals and two snacks a day.

We eat meals at the table, but not snacks, so we went to the store this morning.  We bought pudding and Nilla Wafers, spreadable cheese and Ritz and bologna, baby yogurt and cantaloupe.  Today our eating looked something like this: cold cereal for breakfast, Ritz and cheese and bologna for snack, oatmeal and grapes and raisins for lunch, pudding and Nilla Wafers for snack, and cantaloupe and chicken pot pie for dinner.  Lots of wiping the table.  Lots of tasty food.  Very happy boys.

And now I'm off to practice my triathlon, which is this Saturday.  I'd better watch the intake of these delicious fatty snacks, though.  I don't need to grow--and I want to finish!

Look!  Oatmeal! With raisins!  And it's not decorating a baby's face...and hair...and hands and feet and armpits...

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  1. I wish I could get someone to actually tell me that I SHOULD eat snacks! Have to admit also that I quite like oatmeal, especially in winter with some honey mixed in. Well, we call it porridge over here but it sounds gross when you call it that! Good luck for Saturday!!