Thursday, September 15, 2011

Daft drafts

I'm on draft 2 of novel 2, and I hit a rough patch yesterday.  One of my scenes didn't come together the way I wanted--it didn't sound mysterious enough, didn't flow, and I was feeling a bit discouraged.  So far I haven't let anyone else read what I've written, but I gave in and asked my husband to read draft 2.

Yay for husbands.

I watch him read, and seeing him smile, or shiver, or get that little line between his eyes that appears when he's thinking--it's helpful.  And when he wants to read more, and says it's a good book...well, it makes me want to write more.  It makes one bad day not seem so bad.  And I can always smooth things more in the next draft anyway!

I love my boys!  Oh, and thanks to Gavin and Mandy for the photo booth at their wedding--without them, I wouldn't have this picture!


  1. I'm sure it's great! I'm looking forward to it in any case...though I don't actually know what it's about yet. But I'm looking forward to it anyway!! Bless your husband, the best audience is one that reacts :0)

  2. I reacted when I read your last book! You would've laughed, seeing me. I guess maybe I should be brave and send it to you, too? I'm such a wuss with early drafts... :)

  3. Yes, send it! Send it! Don't worry, I'll only be mean every third page... just kidding lol, I'm sure it's great. I remember how good you are at edits :0)