Tuesday, September 20, 2011

And the grading begins...

I got my first essays today.  They're literacy narrative, which can be about any change that made a person view the world in a new way--which means they'll be creative and (hopefully) interesting.  It also means that I'll be waking up early every morning to comment and sum up my ideas.  I used to give up my writing time, but I'm too hooked on writing now, so I make new time before the boys get up: it takes around a half hour a paper for this one, since I try to be thorough.  That's my long-winded way of saying that it's Tuesday...although maybe, if I'm lucky, it'll be like the Tuesdays in my son's picture book and I'll get flying powers or something.  That won't help me grade, but at least it'd be wonderful fun!

It's sort of blurry, but I like this guy's expression--and the frog waving out the window is my favorite of all the frogs.  He has such a great attitude!  I bet he doesn't have papers to grade...but I wouldn't want to be a frog, so we're even.

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