Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Graduations are more fun when they're not yours...

My little sister is graduating from college tomorrow!  My parents and my two other sisters are driving in from Washington as I type.  Which means I should clean my house. the interest of cleaning my house (rather than blogging, which is more fun but less obviously and immediately important to my guests), I will leave you with this picture:

This is Dorrie.  She is a witch.  A little witch.  Her hat is always crooked and her socks never match.  She's standing there by the stairs with her black cat named Gink, because I loved her as a child and I love her still.

I spent hours pretending to be Dorrie.  I called my Mii Dorrie.  And I named the protagonist in Swindle Witch Patricia after the author of the Dorrie picture books, Patricia Coombs.

You never forget your first favorite books.  And even though most of the Dorrie books are out of print, I'll never forget the first female protagonist I really connected with--and the magic she taught me.

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