Sunday, April 17, 2011

A blog! A blog!

Welcome to my blog.  I decided: I need a place where I can talk about anything I want--kids, writing, teaching, books, food, kids, writing and rejection, Wii games, my favorite punctuation marks, ice cream flavors...

You get the idea.

But for my own sanity, I've decided to set some rules.  Here they are:

1)  I will post every day.  Except the days I don't.

2)  I won't spend more than 20 minutes writing any given post.  Unless there's an extra-special occasion.  I need my rare time without wakeful children to write fiction (and read books and play games and contemplate the tastiness that is root beer floats...).

3)  I won't be too fluffy.  All my journals growing up tended to be about times I thought I should be happy, like during vacations or when we brought home a new pet.  Most entries ended with "And it was great!"  But my mom kept a journal for me when I was about three, and her journals are much more fun to reread.  Simple worked better.  For instance, here's an entry:

"Brenda was bad today.  She left Little Bear out on the floor.  Now he's at the bottom of the hamper for a week so she can learn to pick up her toys." 

See?  I love knowing I've always been a messy person.  More to the point, I love her picture, which showed a sad and terrified Little Bear all alone at the bottom of a deep, deep laundry basket.  Which brings me to my fourth point...

4)  Pictures are awesome.  I'll try to include some.  In fact, here is one now:

We played Mario Kart Wii last night.  I didn't win.  But with this picture my blog can start with both Yoshi and a betrayal.  Nice, right?

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