Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My family

There's me.  There's my wonderful and handsome husband.  And then there's the boys:

Lightning (he picked the nickname) is three.  He loves Pixar's Cars, trucks, splashing in puddles, dinosaur eggs (a.k.a. Cadbury Mini Eggs), Lego Star Wars, and books (like Where the Wild Kings Are--"Kings" is his addition to the title).  Here's a picture of Lightning promoting a game my little sister designed for a class:

And then there's Ninja.  He's zero.  He likes sucking on anything he can get his hands on, standing, and smiling to show his toothless little gums.  He's the happiest baby I've ever met, and he can grab handfuls of nearby cupcake in five seconds flat (I learned that on Sunday).  He's sitting by the game, too, and isn't he enthusiastic?

So.  I come from a family of four girls, but now I'm outnumbered by boys on all fronts.  Unless you count our two cats--they're both female.

Scout, our 9-pound hellion

Ophelia, our 18-pound clawed snuggler

I don't count our cats.

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