Thursday, April 5, 2012

E is for Erlking

The Erlking started out as the daughter of the elf king, a creature who liked to mislead and steal mortal men. She comes from Scandanavian folklore, but Geothe wrote a famous poem that changed everything. He made the antagonist the father of the elf maiden, instead of the maiden herself, and had him prey on children instead of adults. The German version has no motive, no desire or lust--he is a force of death that cannot be reasoned with, a wild power humans can never control.


  1. Super interesting. I love mythological stuff! All your posts are great. Thanks!

  2. enchanting theme & this fiendish lass is evil scary! cool!

  3. i love your a-z theme. Never heard of the Erlking but she sure gives me some story ideas.
    Great A-Z post!

  4. oooh, I like this! I want some of that crazy power.

    found you on the a to z, and am following now. Will definitely be back to read more!

    feel free to take a peek at my blog too if you have time, I am also a mommy of boys:


  5. Really cool theme! I love this post, and the image is cool as heck.

  6. I've not heard of this before. Thanks for that.

  7. Julie: I love myths, too. They're so evocative!

    Tara: "Fiendish lass" = awesome phrase. :)

    Nutschell: Thanks! I think I read about the Erlking once...maybe in Angela Carter...but it's certainly not overdone.

    MOV: Mommies are the best! I shall visit your blog posthaste.

    Mmshanakelley: Thanks! My four-year-old son, who has taken to sitting on my lap during every picture, says there should be more lava. I'm glad not everyone agrees. :)

    Karen: You're welcome. Thanks for stopping by!

  8. Love your posts! I love how A-Z introduces me to great blogs!

    1. Totally. I've found so many that trying to comment on all of them each day is getting a bit overwhelming!

    2. It's true. There's so much to do this month, blog-wise. I've decided to lurk and comment only if I have something to say, but I am enjoying all the blogs I'm discovering!

  9. I think that they might just be misunderstood! :)

  10. Great imagery. I'm learning so much here. Swedish myths seem gentler than German myths. I studied German for a bit and couldn't believe how tough some of the fairy tales/myths were.

  11. What a fun theme for the challenge!

    Harumph - it's just like a man to turn a perfectly awesome female villain into a male.

    Wishing you continued success with the A to Z challenge,

  12. Another being I had not heard from. I'm learning a lot making the rounds. I'm trying to visit all the A-Z Challenge Blogs this month.

  13. Heather: It's true! And that'd be a fun way to write them...

    Kittie: German myths are harsh!

    Jocelyn: Thanks! And that was my first thought as well--which is why I made her female. :)

    Shakbytes: Good luck! I'm trying, too, but we'll see how it goes!