Tuesday, April 3, 2012

C is for Cat Sidhe

Cat Sidhe is a fairy creature or a transformed witch, with a black body, a white chest, and a variety of reputed powers. From Celtic mythology, the spectral cat was said to roam the Scottish Highlands. People would guard bodies from the cat, who might come to eat the soul before it departed. Some witches were said to be able to transform into a cat nine times, although on the ninth time the witch would be stuck like that forever. There was also a belief that if a Celtic person wanted to know something, they could roast a cat alive, and a Cat Sidhe would come and answer their questions to alleviate the burning cat's suffering.

I like cats, though, so I'm going to stick with the cat-transforming-into-human/witch-Winter-Court-fairy-creature idea. Divination with cats is out for me, I guess.


  1. Cats are so adorable. It's a shame that they get such a bad press from the witches. At least that's what my two cats have just told me ;-)

    I doing the A to Z Challenge too at A to Z of Nostalgia

  2. I can transform into a human with just the addition of coffee some mornings. ;D

  3. Thank you for this post. I'd wondered where that cat came from. There's an Irish shop in our village. Sometimes there's a cat like this on some merchandise. The clerks didn't know the cat's history.

  4. Interesting post! Love your A to Z theme.

  5. hmmm, I do not think I would care to meet this cat anywhere in my lifetime! ha-ha! Great theme for the challenge!

  6. Hey, there's one just like this that roams the yard at my house. At night it wails at times, so it must be my 33rd ex-wife. lol

  7. Rosalind: I have two cats, too! They mostly just tell me that they want to snuggle, or eat, or do that kneading thing with their claws on my leg...

    Wily: You are truly super! :)

    Kittie: Merchandise! Awesome! I never expected my posts to be useful!

    Jenny: Thanks!

    Melody: I wouldn't, either. Thanks--I'm having fun with it so far!

    Kristen: Yay! Although my picture for tomorrow may not have you thinking the same thing... :)

    Jeremy: Poe! Also, creepy-cool--you should catch it on film!

  8. i like that witchy cat
    do check out my D at GAC a-z

  9. Josh: Thanks!

    Paul: I love yours! Visual appeals to me, and learning new stuff about artists is awesome. :)

  10. Great topics for A-to-Z challenge. I once had a cat like that and she was pretty special.

    Sandy. Http://msmousecleanshouse.wordpress.com