Sunday, April 1, 2012

A is for Albatross

Okay, so technically an albatross is a real bird, not a monster. But if you've ever read "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner," you know it's a bad idea to kill one.

Long story short: the albatross is an omen of good fortune. The ancient mariner shoots it. Their ship gets becalmed, he has to wear the dead bird around his neck, and Death ends up winning the lives of the entire crew in a game of dice. Except the Mariner, who is cursed with Life-in-Death and wanders around feeling sad he ever killed the big sea bird.

(My favorite quotes from Samuel Colderidge's "Rime:"

Water, water everywhere,
And all the boards did shrink.
Water, water everywhere,
nor any drop to drink.


They groan'd, they stirr'd, they all uprose
Nor spake, nor moved their eyes;
It had been strange, even in a dream,
To have seen those dead men rise.)

Go albatross!


  1. Oh, yes, I remember that poem. Thanks for the reminder and your post, Brenda!

  2. How interesting, I write about my native Sweden in my A to Z posts this year. Lots of water there too. And I love it. I will follow you blog.

  3. Your drawing albatross is a cutie and I wouldn't be scared of it at all! Am a new follower so I can check back in.

  4. Really good theme! And a great start to the challenge. I love the albatross and the poem!

  5. Love this start to your A-Z challenge! Your drawing is pretty sweet too.

  6. Good start to the challenge. That part of the rime about water water all around is the only part of that poem that's stuck in my head since I read it a bazillion years ago. In spite of that poem, I love the albatross. It's a really neat bird, and entertaining as all get-out when it's trying to take off. (Not terribly graceful!) Happy A-Zing.

  7. Connie: I love that poem, and you're welcome!

    Inger: Oooh...Sweden. Thanks!

    Jaye: I'll have to make my albatross more intimidating, which would be hard, given my limited Paint skills... :)

    Heather: Thanks! I only WISH I could take credit for the poem!

    Melody-mae: Your comment made me happy. "Sweet" is such a nice word!

    Susan: I want to see an albatross taking off!!! And the water part gets stuck in my head, too. Happy A-Zing!

  8. Replies
    1. Thanks, Josh! Although I only WISH I could take credit for the poem...