Friday, March 16, 2012

Writing for Charity

I'm excited--and a bit nervous--about the Writing For Charity conference tomorrow. It's in the Provo Library, and it will be full of awesome authors. Authors like Shannon Hale, Tracy Hickman, and Brandon Sanderson. Did I mention that I'm excited? And nervous?

See, I have this thing. When I meet musicians, or actors, or pretty much anyone, I usually can talk. This is a good thing, the talking. And I usually make sense, too, which is a bonus. But...I like authors. My best friends growing up were authors. I'll probably never meet Patricia Coombs, and I certainly won't meet E.B. White or Roald Dahl, but after that picture book/chapter book phase my favorite authors (for third and fourth grade) were Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. I first noticed em-dashes on their pages, and I loved their anti-heroes and heroes, the way I could never predict what would happen, the hope they infused their fantasy with.

So I'm looking forward to tomorrow, and I should print off my first two pages for an author critique and gather together all the books I want signed. Because even when I get all tongue-tied, authors are nice. I could hardly talk to Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and he kissed me on both cheeks. Everything turned out! And everything will turn out again, right? Plus it's all for charity that gives books to children, and everything is right about that. Yay!

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