Monday, March 5, 2012

Spring? Please?

There is sunshine. Outside. Right now. Granted, there's still patches of snow on the lawn in the shadier parts, but I'm going to pretend it's spring. I'm also going to pretend that I'm off to do yard work right now. Because we did have a landscape designer come over and give us plants we can use to make our yard pretty-ish (butterfly bushes and roses and such), so we've got some preparation to do (if we can figure out what we're doing)...


The groundhog lies if it says spring is coming early. Lies! (But I do want to see this movie again sometime soon.)


  1. I love working in the yard and we got a lot of sunshine as well!!

  2. It's a goody. Then again, I love silly romance. ;D

  3. It was 75 here today and I did not work. My son is still home with the flu, but feeling much better so he sat on a lawn chair outside while I prepped the flowerbeds for planting. I love it. Spring is here. I hate it, spring is here (not anywhere close to swimsuit ready).

  4. It's hard to believe spring really is almost here. We've had so many false starts (snow flakes one day, sunshine the next). I'm so looking forward to getting into my garden.

    Thanks for stopping by! There was a gal in my class who, like you, fell in love with Spenser. I've tried, honest, I have, but just can't feel the magic.

  5. Josh: Yay! I am learning to love it. It snowed yesterday, though. :(

    Wily: Silly romance is awesome.

    Melissa: Ah, swimsuits. I shall not think about that now. Maybe gardening will help?

    Kitty: False starts are right! And I don't blame you about's a rare person who can enjoy what he writes. :)