Monday, January 23, 2012

Teaching/writing/moving day!

Today's been one of those days. A snowy, wet day where you help people move and go to Carl's Jr. for dinner and wrestle your four-year-old out because he never wants to leave. A day where you had to dash up the street to Office Max and buy a print cartridge early in the morning so you could print your example movie reviews for your students in time to make copies before your 9 a.m. class. A day where you woke up stuffy, and at night you're supposed to submit to more agents but you don't want to because you are feeling lazy.

I think lazy is a valid emotion. I'm going for the popcorn. And the root beer. You can find me under the Thomas the Tank Engine blanket on the sofa, watching Veronica Mars.  And that shall be the day's The End.


  1. i had a lazy day yesterday and stayed in and watched a nicholas cage movie!

  2. Sometime there is the need to sit back and recharge. ;D

  3. Jeremy: Awesome! That is a good type of day. And in Veronica Mars there was a guy house sitting for Nicholas Cage, so...they're practically the same!

    Wily: It's true. Especially if you're sick. :)