Tuesday, January 3, 2012


My oldest son has officially destroyed his Angry Birds cake, opened his "Here Comes Science!" CD/DVD by They Might Be Giants and his Dinosaur Train set, and settled down in his room for a long winter's nap. And I know he's only four, but it's already bittersweet to look into a face that's changed from an infant's to a preschooler's and know that he's getting older. Soon enough he'll be in high school, then college, and I won't see the snuggles or the tantrums because they'll get all bottled up inside. So happy birthday to my son--there is no brighter, funnier child I'd rather spend time with, and I will always love you.

And I hope you are this happy (if not making this exact face) forever.


  1. Our 20 year old will turn 21 next month. I am so glad that we stayed friends so that when the Dad/Son under the same roof situation came to an end, there is still a real connection and bond. It happens so fast! ;D

  2. That's a cute picture. Happy Belated Birthday to your son. I wish him a happy life.

  3. Wily: I know...but it's great you still have such a strong bond. I hope I'm cultivating the same sort of love!

    Bea: Thanks! You're kind, and I'll let him know!